Massage and Skin Care Services offered by Patricia
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Swedish Massage
Calm and sooth your entire body with this traditional form of massage that strengthens oxygen and blood flow and releases toxins..
60 minutes    $70.00
90 minutes  $120.00
Deep Tissue Massage
Dare to go to the source with this intense form of massage that reaches the deepest layers of muscle tissue to release chronic tension.
60 minutes
Couples Massage
Sweep your significant other off of his/her feet with this special time together.  After your massage, relax with complementary herbal tea in a peaceful garden setting.
60 minutes
La Stone Massage
The original stone massage not to be compared with any other.  Basalt River Stones are hand harvested from the Rocky Mountain Rivers, smoothed. polished, and fitted to your therapists hands.  They are sized for your neck, back, hands, and feet.  As you lay on the deeply warmed stones, Chakra stones disperse calmness and your muscles are massaged with stones dipped in heated aromatherapy oils.  Your mind drifts into a deep Zen meditative state as your breathe REM...  By the end you will be legally stoned.
90 minutes
When you can't decide... treat yourself to both a full back massage and a one-hour custom facial in a ninety minute session.
 90 minutes

European facial
Pamper your skin with this gentle scrub, steam cleanse, masking with nourishing botanicals.  Facial, neck, shoulder, and hand massage are included.  Aromatherapy and use of organic herbs are customized for your skin type.
60 minutes
Deep Pore Cleansing
Draw out impurities and smooth your skin with exfoliation, steam cleanse, extraction, and a special clay mask.  For congested pores and unbalanced skin.
60 minutes   $80.00
Teenagers   $55.00
Anti-Aging Facial
Soften lines and wrinkles, lighten skin discolorations and emerge with a youthful glow using anti-oxidants, collagen, Vitamin C, and the most current non-surgical, gentle and effective peels.
75 minutes

Waxing: Say goodbye to unwanted hair.
 $15.00  Eyebrows
 $20.00  Eye Brow Designs
 $10.00  Lip and Chin
 $20.00  Arms

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